EUROMED 2022 - Maritime Archeology of the Medirranean (6/2022)


The Euromed special set of stamps, with a common theme, which for 2022 is Maritime Archaeology of the Mediterranean, is issued every year by Mediterranean countries in the Euromed Postal Community (EuroMed/PUMed). Hellenic Post, inspired by the archaeological wealth of the Greek seas, has chosen to depict the wreck of the Peristera, located in the sea near the island of ​​Alonissos. It is one of the largest shipwrecks of the Classical era, dating from around 425 to 420 BC, and is considered “The Parthenon of Shipwrecks”. The wreck is the first underwater archaeological site that can be visited in Greece, and recreational divers now have the opportunity to explore it.

Hellenic Post is particularly grateful to the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities for permission to use photographs of the ancient shipwreck (photo: Matteo Collina, Università della Calabria – DIMEG) and amphorae from its cargo (photo: Petros Vezyrtzis) in the design of the stamps.


3,00 €

Peristera Shipwreck - Alonissos 50.000
4,00 € Peristera Shipwreck - Alonissos 50.000

Issue Date: 11 July 2022
Withdrawal Date:: 10 July 2024
Design Adaptation: Marina Lasithiotaki
Stamp Format:

30 Χ 42 mm

Sheet layout: Sheet of 16
Printing process: Multicolored (οffset ) 
Printer: “VERIDOS ΜΑΤΣΟΥΚΗΣ S.A. Security Printing”

Single Set of Stamps “EUROMED 2022 – Maritime Archeology of the Mediterranean” 

Item code: 5205344165988

7,00 €

First Day Cover “EUROMED 2022 – Maritime Archeology of the Mediterranean” 

3.500 pieces

Item code: 5205344166046
10,00 €

Booklet “EUROMED 2022 – Maritime Archeology of the Mediterranean” 

5.000 pieces

Item code: 5205344166039
14,00 €

Miniature Sheet “EUROMED 2022 – Maritime Archeology of the Mediterranean” 

5.000 pieces

Item code: 5205344165971
14,00 €

Numbered Set Pack “EUROMED 2022 – Maritime Archeology of the Mediterranean”    

500 pieces

Item code: 5205344166053
50,00 €

The stamps, the miniature sheet, the booklet and the FDC will be available from the date of their release until 10 July 2024. The Numbered Set Pack will be available until sold out.

Collectors can have their philatelic items franked with the special commemorative first day of issue postmark by sending their postal items to the Philatelic Service (100 Aiolou St, second floor, 101 88 Athens), provided stamps from the set with a minimum value of 0,90 € are affixed to them. Please mark the envelope “PHILATELIC ITEMS”.