Stamps 2021

1/2021 GREECE 2021 – 200 Years after the Revolution

Two stamps marking the two hundredth anniversary of the 1821 Greek Revolution. Honour the modern Greek state and share our national celebration with the rest of the world.

  • “GREECE 2021” LOGO
  • “GREECE 2021” LOGO

Date of Issue: 28/1/2021
Also produced: Set Album, First Day Covers & Souvenir Sheet

2/2021 GREECE 1821-2021 Oaths & Sacrifices for Liberty

Four stamps depict four historic works by four great artists and honour the dedication, heroism and self-sacrifice of those who fought in the Greek War of Independence. It’s the first time Hellenic Post released stamps on the country’s national day.

  • The patriotic oath of the Greeks
  • The heroism of the women of Souli
  • The death of Markos Botsaris
  • The oath

Date of Issue: 25/3/2021
Also produced: Set Album, First Day Covers & Booklet

3/2021 EUROPA 2021 – Endangered National Wildlife

Two stamps depict animals falling under the “Critically Endangered” category, namely species facing an extremely high risk of extinction from their natural habitat in the near future, as described in the “Red List of Endangered Species in Greece”. The EUROPA Greek stamps are designed by students of the Athens School of Fine Arts who have attended the class “Graphic Arts - Stamp” from the Engraving Department, taught by Dr. Myrsini Vardopoulou and supervised by Prof. Yannis Gourzis.

  • Red deer (Cervus elaphus)
  • Common dolphin (Delphinus delphis)

Date of Issue: 6/5/2021
Also produced: Set Album, First Day Cover & Booklet

4/2021 Olympic Games TOKYO 2020

Two feuillets honour Japan’s contribution to the Olympic Games, and at the same time highlight it’s historical aesthetic which is applied to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

  • Jigoro Kano – TOKYO 2020
  • Hanetsuki – Sport meets tradition

Date of Issue: 3/6/2021
Also produced: Set Album & First Day Covers

5/2021 EUROMED 2021 – Handicraft Jewelry in the Mediterranean

The Hellenic Post has chosen to display the eminent samples of the Greek jewels chosen from the Benaki Museum as well as the Byzantine and Christian Museum’s collection.

  • Golden earrings with pendent doves
  • Golden Buckle
  • Silver gilt necklace with chains, corals and coloured stones
  • Composite bridal breast ornament with silver plaques, chains and pendent crosses

Date of Issue: 13/7/2021
Also produced: Set Album, First Day Covers, Booklet & Souvenir Sheet

6/2021 GREECE 1821-2021 Philhellenes

The stamps show five of the best-known Philhellenes, whose iconic reputation rests on their contribution to the struggle for freedom and for the international impact of their work. In this way, we honour the movement of Philhellenism that emerged during the 1821 Greek War of Independence and was an important chapter in world history.

  • Aleksandr Pushkin
  • Eugène Delacroix
  • Perci Shelley
  • Samuel Howe
  • Karl Krazeisen

Date of Issue: 23/9/2021
Also produced: Set Album & First Day Cover

7/2021 1821-2021 Child and Stamp – The Greek Revolution of 1821 through the children’s eyes

The stamps created entirely by children, and for the next year, the stamps will take our mail on its travels and enrich the albums of collectors, after which they will always be part of our rich philatelic history. They have chosen among thousand paintings and drawings in a special online art competition on the topic of “The 1821 Revolution”.

  • Child’s Drawing – “Woman in Revolution”
  • Child’s Drawing – “The Exodus from Missolonghi”
  • Child’s Drawing – “Krifo Scholio” (secret school)
  • Child’s Drawing – “Heroes”

Date of Issue: 7/10/2021
Also produced: Set Album & First Day Covers

8/2021 Christmas 2021

Two stamps depict the pictures of young children singing carols in a traditional neighbourhood give the stamps a nostalgic air. 

  • Traditional Christmas Carols – Small Boat
  • Traditional Christmas Carols – Music Triangle

Date of Issue: 4/11/2021
Also produced: Set Album, First Day Covers, Booklet of self-adhesive stamps & Souvenir Sheet

9/2021 NOTOS 2021

The set depicts the medal mould for the Large Hermes Head Stamp, namely the first Greek stamp issued in 1861 and designed by Albert Barre, master engraver at the French Mint (Monnaie de Paris), and the intaglio mould, engraved by Y. Gourzis, Professor at the School of Fine Arts, for the 150-year anniversary edition of the Greek stamp.

  • Medallion matrix of the Large Hermes Head (1861)
  • Matrix of the Large Hermes Head (2011)

Date of Issue: 19/11/2021
Also produced: Set Album & First Day Cover

10/2021 The Greek Revolution of 1821 - National Gallery

The last issue in Hellenic Post’s 2021 calendar bringing our year-long celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution to a close with five iconic paintings from the National Gallery & Alexandros Soutsos Museum. The superb oil paintings selected for the four stamps and the miniature sheet are by the great artists Theodoros Vryzakis and Georgios Margaritis.

  • Georgios Karaiskakis Mounted, Advances on the Acropolis
  • Two Warriors
  • The Army-Camp of Karaiskakis
  • War Scene
  • Greece Expressing Gratitude

Date of Issue: 16/12/2021
Also produced: Set Album & First Day Covers