Luxury Album “GREEK SHIPPING” 15th B.C. - 11th A.C. cent.

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In ancient times, our ancestors dreamed of sovereignty of the seas, a goal that stimulated their imagination and sparked their creativity. Thus, thousands of years ago, the Greeks built seagoing vessels that were a landmark in the history of navigation and played an important role over the centuries. They were warships, but also a means of spreading Greek culture, the principles of democracy, the arts and sciences. These vigilant guardians of the seas made trade routes safe so that Greek ideas and products could be carried throughout the known world.

So let us sail back in time through a luxury bound Album containing a wealth of photographic material and texts on how ships were built and constructed between about 1500 BCE and the 11th century, giving detailed descriptions and explanations of the purpose of each vessel in each historical period. It also contains a special numbered sheet of six stamps from the Commemorative Set of the same name, depicting the most representative examples of Greek shipping which were built and ruled the waves from the 15th century BCE to the 11th century CE, writing some of the most glorious chapters in the history of Greece.

Dimensions: 28x30 cm
Pages: 164
Text: in greek and in english