Luxury Album “GREEK SHIPPING 1453 - 1821"

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Over their long history, the Greeks have always been a seafaring people par excellence. During the years of subjugation, they continued their nautical tradition, creating dockyards and shipyards, maritime firms and trading companies, not only in the places where they lived, but throughout the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. With their unique skills in shipbuilding, on voyages and in handling cargoes and merchandise, they became much sought after in the merchant fleets of other powers. In the years of revolution, they were thus able to turn their vessels into warships and prevail in the struggle against the oppressors at sea, laying the foundations for the rebirth of the nation.

The bound collector’s Album “Greek shipping 1453-1821” is the successor to the Album “Greek shipping: 15th century BCE - 11th century CE” and contains a wealth of photographic material and texts on how ships were built and constructed from 1453 to 1821, giving detailed descriptions and explanations of the purpose of each ship in each historical period. It also contains a special numbered sheet of six stamps from the Commemorative Set of the same name, depicting the most representative examples of Greek shipping which were built and ruled the waves during the period in question, writing some of the most glorious chapters in the history of Greece.

Dimensions: 28x30 cm
Pages: 240
Text: in greek and in english
ISBN 978-960-88170-4-3