Stamps 2020

1/2020 Ancient Theaters of Greece

Greece’s ancient theatres are magnificent silent witnesses of the spirit of our ancestors and with the simplicity and grandeur of their architecture they take us on a unique tour of ancient Greek culture. Hellenic Post presents five unique stamps that take us on a fascinating journey to Epirus, revealing the region’s rich cultural heritage.

Date of Issue: 23/3/2020

Also produced: First Day Covers & Set Album

2/2020 EUROPA 2020 – Ancient Postal Routes

The stamps of the series depict two ships connected to the sea postal routes that developed in our country at the beginning of the 19th century, due to the lack of organized road networks inland. These are the wheeled steamer "Prince Maximilianos", which operated the route between Piraeus, Kalamaki, Kythnos, Syros and Tinos and the Austrian steamer "Arciduca Lodovico", which had undertaken the connection of Greece with abroad.


Date of Issue: 8/5/2020

Also produced: Booklet, First Day Covers & Set Album

3/2020 Anniversaries - Events

The Anniversary Events commemorative set of stamps honours :

  • The 100th anniversary of the Athens University of Economics and Business.
  • The 100th anniversary of the Agricultural University of Athens.
  • The 50th anniversary of the Military Academy of Combat Support Officers.
  • The 100th anniversary of the Historical Archive of Crete.


Date of Issue:  23/3/2020

Also produced:  First Day Covers & Set Album

4/2020 EUROMED 2020 – Traditional Gastronomy of the Mediterranean

Cooked food begins in Greece with recipes both simple and complex. However, our long history has put great pressure on the evolution of our cuisine as a result of conquest and especially poverty. Perhaps this poverty gave rise to some great ideas.

Ηaving searched through our favourite recipes, we have decided to put lamb, pie, moussaka and octopus on the stamps.


Date of Issue:   20/7/2020

Also produced: Booklet, Souvenir Sheet, First Day Covers & Set Album

5/2020 100 Years since the Death of Ion Dragoumis

The diplomat, intellectual, writer and politician Ion Dragoumis played a central role in the Greek political arena in the early 20th century. He served in important diplomatic posts in Monastir (present-day Bitola), Constantinople, Alexandria, Rome, and St. Petersburg. His political views led him to be exiled from 1917 to 1919. On July 31 (August 13) 1920, the news of the attempted assassination of Eleftherios Venizelos in Paris reached Athens. On the same day, Dragoumis was detained and assassinated.


Date of Issue:   31/7/2020

Also produced:  First Day Covers & Set Album

6i/2020 2.500 Year Anniversary of the Battle of Thermopylae

Reading Simonides’ epitaph about the warriors who chose to sacrifice their lives at Thermopylae, it is impossible not to feel awe at the glory to which human beings can aspire. It is not only the eleven beautifully chosen and skilfully matched words which comprise it, it is the essence that these words reveal:  in humankind’s finest moments we look heavenward and not to the ground; we turn our gaze to the future, even if that future has no space for our physical existence and, just as occurred with the soldiers who fell at Thermopylae, depart this world and enter an idealised realm, that of historical memory.


Date of Issue:   3/11/2020

Also produced:  First Day Covers, Set Album & Maximum Prepaid Cards.

6ii/2020 2.500 Year Anniversary of the Battle of Salamis

The Battle of Salamis – along with the Battles of Marathon and Thermopylae – was one of the most important events in the struggle of the Greeks against the Persian invasion, determining the course not only of the Hellenes but of Western civilization. Hellenic Post is honouring this key moment in Greek history by presenting its leading figure, Themistocles, whose ingenious planning helped secure victory in the greatest naval conflict in history, along with two model ships from the Grypiotis collection of miniatures, which may well be unique in the entire world.

Date of Issue:   22/09/2020

Also produced:  First Day Covers, Set Album & Maximum Prepaid Cards.

7/2020 Christmas

Christmas works its magic once more across the world, and the kindly Santa Claus begins his journey. The dog and the cat know the secret of the Holy Night. They are his co-conspirators, refraining from meowing or barking, which would give him away. They will guard his secret well! The next morning, the delighted voices of the children will fill the house as they discover the much-anticipated gifts under the tree. And the two furry friends will laugh along with them, their hearts full of love, their happiness plain to see.

Date of Issue:    23/11/2020

Also produced:  Souvenir Sheets, Booklets with self-adhesive stamps, First Day Covers & Set Album

8/2020 Children and Stamps – Stop Bullying

Hellenic Post sends a strong message against the scourge of school and cyber-bullying. These four powerful images urge children and parental role models to embrace compassion, respect, friendship and fairness. For a better tomorrow. For a society without violence and fear.

Date of Issue: 3/12/2020

Also produced: First Day Covers & Set Album