Stamps 2024

“Ancient Greek Literature – Part B’ ”

Hellenic Post circulates on January 17, 2024 the B’ part of the Definitive set of stamps “Ancient Greek Literature”. 

 Date of issue: 17/1/2024
Also produced: First Day Cover, Numbered Sheetlet, Set of 5 maximum Cards & Set Pack


100 Years Philotelia

Hellenic Post circulates on February 21, 2024, the Commemorative Set of Stamp - Feuillet "100 Years Philotelia". It is about the longest-running Greek philatelic journal with international acclaim, as expressed through its awards at International Philatelic Exhibitions.

Date of issue: 21/2/2024
Also produced: First Day Cover - Feuillet & Set Pack

Synagogues of Greece

Hellenic Post circulates on April 18, 2024 the Commemorative set of stamps “Synagogues of Greece”. 

Date of issue: 18/4/2024
Also produced: First Day Cover & Set Pack

“Europa 2024 (Fauna & Flora)” (4/2024)

Hellenic Post circulates on May 15, 2024 the Special set of stamps “Europa 2024 (Fauna & Flora)”. 

Date of issue: 15/5/2024
Also produced: Booklet, First Day Cover & Set Pack