1/2023 Sustainable Development

The Hellenic Post acknowledges the importance of companies adopting strategies for Sustainable Development and promotes its three pillars, which concern the Environment, Society and Corporate Governance.





Date of issue: 26/1/2023

Also produced: First Day Cover & Set Pack

2/2023 Child and Stamp – Child and Technolgy

The Commemorative Set of Stamps "Child and Stamp - Child and Technology" features two promising teaching tools: Virtual Reality and Robotics.


Date of issue: 23/2/2023

Also produced: First Day Cover & Set Pack

3/2023 World Stray Animals Day

The Hellenic Post celebrates World Stray Animals Day and reminds that this sad reality is in our hands to change, with our own awareness and care.

Date of issue: 4/4/2023

Also produced: First Day Cover & Set Pack

4/2023 “Europa 2023 (PEACE – the highest value of humanity)”

In 2023, PostEurop shows solidarity with Ukraine and promotes Peace. The Special Series "EUROPA 2023 – PEACE the greatest value of humanity" is released simultaneously, on May 9, 2023, in all PostEurop member countries.

Date of issue: 09/5/2023

Also produced: First Day Cover, Booklet & Set Pack

5/2023 “Elefsina – European Capital of Culture 2023”

Hellenic Post circulates the Commemorative Series of Stamps “Elefsina – European Capital of Culture 2023”, which will travel around the world and convey everything that the people of this city, want to highlight about Eleusis.

Date of issue: 27/5/2023

Also produced: First Day Cover & Set Pack

6/2023 “Costumes of the Theatre”

Hellenic Post is releasing the "Costumes of the Theatre" Commemorative Series of Stamps, showcasing some of the most representative costumes worn by Greek theater actors.

Date of issue: 22/6/2023

Also produced: Set of 2 First Day Covers, Set of 5 Prepaid maximum Cards & Set Pack